ATSS member update – 20 March 2020

Dear member,

We’re going to continue to issue these updates to members as often as is useful.

Since our last update you may have seen a number of announcements

  • An update on the issue of ‘key-workers’, related to the closure of schools. Those classed as ‘key-workers’ should be in the process of receiving notification of that from HR.
  • It has now been announced that the business will allow cancellation of Annual Leave such as where individuals may have had trips booked which cannot now be undertaken due to cancellations, government foreign travel advice etc.

As indicated in our last update we have been actively seeking meetings with Senior Management representatives of the business areas where our members are deployed and these are now underway or in the diary, with the intention that we continue to catch-up on a regular basis over the coming weeks as the situation evolves.

We have sought clarification on the identification of key roles and expect confirmation from HR of the roles included early in the coming week.

Many of us will be adjusting to the new normal of working from home. Here’s a few ideas to help us all get through the next few months.


Stick to a routine, maintaining – as far as possible and sensible your normal waking time. Try and ensure that your day has structure with set break times Perhaps take some exercise or ‘me time’ when you would otherwise have been on your normal commute.


Try and make sure that you can sit and work comfortably. Avoid spending prolonged periods at your laptop/computer ‘workstation’, take time to stand up and stretch your legs on a reasonably frequent basis. Take a 5-minute ‘time-out’ when you make that cup of coffee or tea.

Social Contact

It’s important that we stay connected to one another. Why not use the technology available not just for formal meetings, use the technology to catch up with colleagues to exchanges experiences and ideas and check-in on each other’s wellbeing?

Working Time

We know that many of you will face an immediate increase in workload as the business seeks to respond to the emerging and rapidly evolving situation. Now, as ever, It is important that people continue to record all the hours that you work in SAP, and do try to limit those excess hours as far as is reasonably practical – to borrow a phrase, “this is a marathon and not a sprint” and we need to ensure we can deal with the demands of next week, next month and thereafter, not just today’s challenge.


We understand that the current situation will be unsettling and a cause of anxiety for members. Please do use the resources available to access the support you need over the coming weeks.

  • Speak to colleagues or your line manager
  • Contact your local TU rep
  • Access the discussion thread on the Branch Website
  • Utilise the Validium resources
  • If you have an immediate need for support, the Peer Supporters are also available ]

Prospect nationally has issued a list of “Working from home – 10 top tips” which you might also find useful.


Andy Mooney
ATSS Branch Secretary

20th March 2020