Member Registration Help

j0433797Prospect ATSS Branch Website – User Registration

Welcome to our new website. We’ve given it a makeover and the site is now running on a completely new platform. It was not possible to migrate User credentials from the old (bespoke) website to the new website, therefore members are required to register as a new user.


Usernames on the new website must be of the form : FirstnameLastname e.g. GeorgeLoveless

To create your account, go to this link :

As the majority of the content is restricted to members of Prospect ATSS Branch it is necessary to supply your Prospect membership number as part of the registration process (if this is not known, please contact the Branch Secretary or your local rep.).

The registration process includes a validation of the email address. Thereafter the registration is reviewed by an Administrator to confirm your valid membership status. Once approved (which may take a day or two) you will be able to login to the site using either your username, or the associated email address for your account.

Should you experience any problems registering and accessing the site, please contact the Branch Secretary.